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Conversation Between Lyssea and Spitfire

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  1. I'm gonna do it
  2. Indeedly so~
  3. Anyway. You had a change of it, I hope you're happy~
  4. Says the ignorant savage~
  5. You really are an uneducated savage.
  6. Who and who? I don't know them so they must not be as important since I don't know them~
  7. But... you're not Rainbow Dash... or Fluttershy... so you aren't that either.
  8. Not when you're the most sexy pegasus alive
  9. Yet you are so clearly jealous of the beauty and intelligence of LysPon. Tells a lot~
  10. Not really, there's a ton of fan art I can pick from, where you have to pay to get more art of yours~
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