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Conversation Between Lyssea and Limestone Pie!

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  1. No prob!
  2. Woups. Thanks for notifying me!
  3. "They do prefer to be up during the night, but they can be up during the night just fine - just like most pegasi"

    Small mistake I noticed, Lyss
  4. Thanks Lyssea! Have nice dreams :3
    maybe i will show you some of it
  5. Best of luck with it! ^.^ Though probably you won't need it
    Now, goodnight! Luna watch over you!
  6. A MLP RPG, i got asked to do the music :3
  7. Ooooh, composer/musician! Which game, if I may ask?
  8. Fine as well! Working on a soundtrack for a game as of now
  9. Quite well, if sleepy and just about to head for bed ; How about yourself? ( And happy that you like the idea )
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