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Conversation Between Galrion and Rise!

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  1. The enemy (@Kyubey) is here! take him down!
  2. I believe I saw Belle say something like "I love that show!" in reference to someone posting a Puella pic on the forums. At that moment the topic didn't come up in conversation, it was the whole reason for my next conversation with Belle. <.<

    One of my all time favorite animes. Wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to gush about it.
  3. Oh, so you didn't just take a lucky guess~
    How does that even come up in a conversation~
  4. I know. And Kyoko is your favorite. (Mine too, btw!)
  5. Thanks, Galrion, I love Madooka Majooka~

  6. Happy b-day!
  7. Welcome to FiM!~
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