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Conversation Between Galrion and Brosus

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  1. Definately have a larger version of this as a wallpaper:

    Made me think of you when i saw it cycle bye.
  2. I am thou...
    Thou art I...
    From the sea of thy soul I come...
  3. Those contracts are null and void until you understand who you truly are! Bastard!
  4. But.. Muh contracts!
    It's actually pretty high on my watchlist now, shouldn't be long.
  5. Go watch it! or you have no right to be Kyubey!
  6. I, uh, actually haven't. I've had the entire plot spoiled for me, so I never really got around to watching it.
  7. yeah
  8. Which show? Madoka Magica?
  9. So, have you watched the show?
  10. You must suffer... For the greater good.
    Besides, last I checked, Entropy has little do with heat. It's the dispersal that's the problem, since it never really goes away.
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