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Conversation Between Rose Bubble and Meadow Song

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  1. No worries! Looking for something new to do alongside music stuff so that I can (hopefully) not suck as much and actually get a decent name for myself.
  2. Oh... I'm sorry.
  3. Heh... I got let go on my first day
  4. Heheheh, yeah, jobs kinda suck that way. Money is always nice, though! So how is your new job going?
  5. I am doing well, thank you! I get to start my job tomorrow, so I'll probably get rekt by my new schedule as well >.<
  6. Thank you!

    I have been really busy lately and I'm actually not even 100% sure where my computer is. I'm hoping things cool down soon, but I have no idea... My work schedule just got changed aroind agian too.

    I had a great birthday though. I hope you're doing well.
  7. Happy Birthday!.. I think? xD
  8. Nice!
  9. Saw this and thought of you. x3
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