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Conversation Between Sam Gideon and Roseluck

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  1. A close relative of mine passed away in April, had several arguments with a RL friend who I've known for years.

    So yeah...hectic stuff.
  2. Yeah? How so?
  3. Good, good. Glad you're doing okay.

    I'm doing okay, thanks. Been a bit of a hectic year mind you.
  4. Sup
    Doin good, hope it's the same for you
  5. Hey you. Long time no see. How've you been?
  6. I see. Well, I hope everything is going okay with college and stuff. :3

    Thanks for all the awesome pips you've made for me back years ago, btw.
  7. College and real life holding me back XD
  8. Awh. Thank you. Same to you.

    I've missed you. Where have you been?
  9. Heya Sam
    Just wishing you a happy December
  10. Hope you're alright, Rose.
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