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Conversation Between Sam Gideon and Nightseeker

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  1. Ah, I see. Good luck with that, man.

    Oh yeah, I changed my Discord to Zerutso. Same number as I posted, just different name.
  2. Working my ass off at work, tired as hell for most of the day. The holiday season has been running me ragged. Yay for working retail!
  3. Not much, man. How about you?

    Also, I've got Discord if you're on that nowadays. My name on there is Glaceon#5689
  4. Holy shit, not been on this site in so long I've not even seen your message. Sup?
  5. Yo. Long time no see.
  6. Happy birthday Dante!
  7. Yup.
  8. Can you at least receive PM's?
  9. I'm on my iPod, and I can't turn my computer on.

    And mobile sucks :b
  10. Very
    Anyway, get your ass on Skype.
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