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Conversation Between Sam Gideon and Roseluck

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  1. I see. Well, I hope everything is going okay with college and stuff. :3

    Thanks for all the awesome pips you've made for me back years ago, btw.
  2. College and real life holding me back XD
  3. Awh. Thank you. Same to you.

    I've missed you. Where have you been?
  4. Heya Sam
    Just wishing you a happy December
  5. Hope you're alright, Rose.
  6. Happy birthday, Rose. Have a good one.

    Thank you for all the awesome custom pips that you did for me on the original FiM and on past EQF.
  7. Yeah, I know. Habit of sending PM's instead of VM's.

    Ermac is a character from Mortal Kombat.

    Yes, I'm good thank you. Glad to hear that you're okay.
  8. Hey Rosey. Sam Gideon here. Happy birthday, man. Hope you have a good one.

    Also, thanks for all the custom pips that you've done for me in the past (on FiM and on here).
  9. I'm a bit sad since it's almost time for me to graduate from High School
    But other than that I'm all good
  10. Apart from getting my name changed from King Sombra/Sam Gideon, nothing much. You?
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