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Conversation Between Brosus and Fade

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  1. Fade faded away.
  2. I suppose, but there's actually been a few best times for different reasons.

  3. True... Although they were still the "good" times...

    I'll get a Skype soon then.
  4. Eh, who doesn't look back at their first posts and cringe?

    Uh... Everyone here and most others use Skype. I'd just use that if I were you.
  5. Why cringe?

    I don't have skype... Everyone here asks that lol. Is there a better alternative?
  6. Eh, most of it is in the old hidden Utopia archive. Probably for the best, I cringe when I go to anything early 2012.

    You use skype or something though?
  7. I recognize Brosus... Do you happen to have access to an old thread or post that you can refer me to? Might help me further remember you.
  8. Eh, at first, Senial Hobo, then Brosus. I spammed Utopia a lot back then.

    Eh, what do you expect, almost all of the recognizable names like Penguin and 7x were acquaintances of some kind of Leighton, and now he's gone they have no reason to be here. Or got banned... And the Mane Media people all are... Well, they're MM people, knowing that should be enough to know what they're STILL doing.

    Eh, same. Can't remember if they did.

    Yeah, there were some decent threads back then... not quite as much these days, but it's really just because oldfags hang out on Skype usually. They only really come on when something interesting happens.

    Kinda. I knew 7x long enough to see him banned, and Latex... A bit more, but we never really got along I guess.
  9. Nor do I remember you... What was your old username?

    And a challenge is finding someone who joined July, 2011... Those are an extinct species.

    Utopia was my most visited category, but it wasn't the only one I posted in (back then, I think posts in Utopia didn't count towards total post count).

    But holy fuck, it was the place to be:

    Here's one I posted in from an old General Discussion topic in the sub-boards:

    Do you know Latex/Sigma or 7x?
  10. I suppose it depends on your point of view.

    Hmm, well I'm pretty sure that quote was the only thing, so...

    I don't know how I wouldn't have noticed you, given I was there way back, and I was in Utopia by the first ten pages of threads or so. And I quick look through the Archive didn't turn up any posts in Utopia, and definitely no threads. I have no idea how you have so many posts yet no one knows you, unless you just posted in spam threads 2000 times.
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