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Conversation Between Brosus and -ジュリエット-

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  1. Yeah, there is, it's where most of us hang out now. I'm on there every day. Sorry, not sure if PMs are working right now.
    Here's regular:
  2. Yo' is there like a Discord chat or something? PM me.
  3. No sneaking can evade me. I know there's no escape from this hell.
  4. muahahaha I'm not sneaky enough aparently
  5. TFW I only know you're alive because you changed your name again.
  6. Hey, Tilti! How you holding up?
  7. Thanks, Its my hidden talent
  8. Hawt gif gurl.
  9. Thank you, I hope your college goes well too!
  10. Wow, yeah, that actually sounds pretty cool. Hope you do well with it.
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