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Conversation Between Brosus and Trib

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  1. RiP sweet prince
  2. It's not even under my old name I think, you're both fucking terrible at your jobs
  3. You didn't die
    I'm still not removing that thread about you leaving over nothing, after all the WanderGirling and all
    It's pretty amusing
  4. I'm like a roach. Gonna take a bit more than some bad blood to get rid of me.
  5. I thought I killed you
  6. <33
  7. I will never see you the same way again.
  8. >Staff
    >Award after being restaffed for like a week
  9. Nah, makes sense. Just could've made it more obvious.
    Not sure why you think I suddenly hate you.
  10. Walking away as in I'm giving up on the old life and have stopped caring about most everything that was once important to me.

    inb4 back and forth VMs about how you don't get it or I'm being retarded
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