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Conversation Between Brosus and Shimmer Mint

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  1. I have officially gone into pony retirement, and I intend to spend my inheritance much like my predecessor, Leighton.
  2. Oh, so you don't own it anymore? Interesting. That's true though; silly me.
  3. It did, for a minute. ThEn someone bought it. You should know by now it doesn't die.
  4. Yo wait. Am I high or did this site have a goodbye message posted?
  5. I ish aliiiiiiiiive~
  6. She lives.
  7. Shhh, I'll spoil you cat rapist bby~
  8. Thanks man! ;D
  9. Happy birthday, cat rapist!
  10. Moderate?
    The site is actually UP. You're already doing better than Leighton.
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