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Conversation Between Grassy Tale and Evilmissingno000

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  1. "Luring a king into your trap with sweet promises of eternal happiness."

    Seriously dude, it's right there in the name.
  2. Define "Lurking"
  3. Why you lurkin', you lurker?
  4. He has a Skype. His username: lancergundam

    But he's not online now.
  5. Have you consider asking Stryke if he wants to join us wghen a new ep comes out? I don't recall if he has Skype though
  6. Nope, Uncle Gaben put it right back up! (I love him)
  7. *googles*

    Oh, so it wasn't taken down the second time after it's first ban (and reupload) on Steam?
  8. Dude, I just found out than Hatred (the most recent massacre simulator) has been developer by a Polish developer studio, your country keeps surprising me!
  9. The forum backups weren't being done often enough. The forum was hacked before those additional 300-400 pages were saved, so they got lost.
  10. Yeah I found it around 4 days ago and I wanted to ask you: how come it's been stripped down of 300+ pages? It originally was like 1300 pages long
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