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Conversation Between Bumblehoof and Snowy Gilda

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  1. I've just been busy lately. Busy with school, music and band stuff.
  2. Juan wanted to know where you been man
  3. You're welcome, Bumbly :3
  4. *huggles back and nuzzles weakly*
    Thanks :3
  5. *Huggies Bumble*
    B'aww :c
    I hope you get better soon! :3
  6. Swollen throat, fever, stiff joints, bad appetite, and cough too much
  7. Sick? :c
    Is it bad? :c
  8. Aside from being sick. I'm doing good :3
  9. How are you? :3
  10. *Pokes Bumble*
    Hai :o
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