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Conversation Between Blu and jonnyDash

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas dude
  2. Yeah, I will be when I finish for Christmas next week
  3. Good, you?
  4. How's it going?
  5. Nice.
  6. I'm OK, I have a new job soon so that's big news
  7. How have you been doing?
  8. Well I figured Chrysalis could since she is the queen after all.
  9. I would suspect they have their own language, possibly even electrochemical in nature, but Chrysalis has no problem speaking in Pony (English I guess) and if you remember, during the Canterlot attack, Changelings were able to parrot Twilight's voice and understand Pinkie, so we can assume they can osmosise language to an extent.
  10. Yeah but I thought it was some language we couldn't understand.
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