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Conversation Between jimster55 and Blu

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  1. oh . . .
  2. I am friends with most of them and we do talk alot, but to say that they enjoy talking to me is a bit over exaggeration. I am the only brony in my squadron and my likes and interests are not the same as anyone else there. They all like going out and getting drunk then getting laid. I don't care for either. I am waiting for marriage and they find that weird.
  3. have you tried talking to them?
  4. Aww thanks! Not too many people would say the same thing at my squadron .
  5. i would love that.

    i really like talking to you.
  6. I'm not too upset about it. I think its just that ever since went down, I felt like I lost contact with all my online friends. So when joined EqF, I just didn't know anypony here and just wasn't as active as I would have liked to be. But since Season 4 is over, I need some way to entertain myself and keep up with the community, so I will try (TRY) to be more active than I was before.
  7. dont worry about it bro, it happens to me ALOT! but maybe if you reply to messages youll get something in return.
  8. I can understand that. What I mean is that whenever I posted a new thread, I usually got an average of 5-10 responses max. It kinda made me feel small and not important. And it also made me feel like there was not many people on this forum.
  9. as long as your talking to someone it never dead.
  10. Red says its still dead on here. What do you think?
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