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Conversation Between jimster55 and Red

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  1. I don't do medicine for the same reason, it doesn't solve the problem Y'know.

    But Jonny's talked me dish several times
  2. I'm sorry to here that. I go through depression also, but I refuse to take medicine for it because i don't believe in it. My depression is usually due to homesickness, being lonely, or feel like my life is changing.
  3. Pony synergy

    I wasn't able to ask jonny tonight because I had a depressive attack, but I'm all better now
  4. This is crazy! Now I am a part of 2 forums
  5. I'm writing my furry story
  6. Hey Red! Just catching up on old times. Whats up?
  7. Jimster
  8. I'm good stayed up late last night
  9. Morning bro! How you been? (stretching emote here)
  10. Good night buddy (huggs Red and forgets to let go as he drifts off to sleep)
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