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Conversation Between Kamina! and assaultspacemareine

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  1. Guess whos back?
  2. I don't do role playing. Just aint my thing. Unless it's for an IRL project that involves acting lol
  3. Hey, wanna go role play
  4. Nice family history you've got there.
  5. Hey, the picture on the socialists group I just realized the Waffen ss cutie mark. My real life initials are S.S. Also you might find this interesting. My great uncle served in the Luftwafe, but his brother, my grandfather, served in the RAF. In short, my family is confusing as hell
  6. Nope. Only English.
  7. Do you speak german? I do, freund.
  8. It's a history I wish schools would teach more in public schools, but unfortunately Jews are over represented in the media and politics for being such a minority.

    He did a lot that the west have adopted now and was not a racist not like the west. He just did what was necessary at the time to save Germany from communist overlords.

  9. Mr. Kamina, please go check the National socialist group, I posted my speech I wrote, do tell me your thoughts.
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