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Conversation Between Kamina! and Nightseeker

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  1. Oh shit I remember you.
  2. Pretty well off, been a lot happier since my name change, although that dissipated when my grandma accused me of stealing from her credit card when I did jack squat.

    And yeah, it does. The shoutbox is always slow and not entertaining and the forums themself are just filled with ew. 'tis why I'm usually on Skype or Steam talking to the people I actually liked from here.
  3. Hi, Caitlyn.

    Nothing much going on lately. I'm heading to college soon so I guess that's what's new. This site seems a bit... dead.

    How's it going?
  4. Sup, Kam.
  5. Don't cry, Dante.
  6. *Ba-dum ksh*
  7. Yeah, that takes a lot of balls.
  8. I actually read that a bit ago, a little interesting, and props to the guy for being able to come out like that.
  9. Oh that's nice.
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