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Conversation Between Meadow Song and Megumin

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  1. I don't know why I decided to entertain you.
  2. How about you take yourself back to the woods you came out of, stupid close minded cis redneck.
  3. Take Tumblr back to its home land
  4. What are you implying cissy?
    Got a problem with me? Are you against vampirekins too?
  5. Yep, you're always right.
  6. That's right keep your mouth shut, cis scum like you are the cancer that are holding back humanity.
    Not everyone has to think like you or be into heterosexual relationships like you, why do you want to oppress others?
    Get your cis scum attitude and patriarchal society values out of here, hitler.
  7. Considering the topic in general seems to piss off absolutely everyone, I'm going to respond with silence.
  8. Oii cis scum, heard you were overstepping your boundaries the other night.
    Got a problem with homosexual ponies?
  9. Hoi
  10. Oiii
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