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Conversation Between Grassy Tale and SingingBlue

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  1. I love same sex couples and/or interracial couples. I also like the group of single girl friends with similar personalities, but still stand out.
    I like opposition in personalities too! And physical differences. My favorite is super tall person befriends super short person. Bonus points if the tall one is soft and kind while the short one is fiesty and wants to fight everyone.
    "Opposites attract" pairings (friendships or romantic relationships) are awesome.
    I love and live for drama. When I write it, it's a release for me. I deal with a lot of stress and anxiety.
  2. Yeah, it is cute!

    Favorite relationships to write/read about and fav character dynamics?

    I like the interactions between The One Sane Person and a Super-Happy Enthusiastic Nutjob (no points for guessing the inspiration).

    As for relationships, aside from pals hanging out together, I like the sister-sister and mother-daughter relationships.
    All very casual. No extended drama, because I am a Delicate Flower and too much sads would just make me depressed.
  3. Also, that is a really cute song and it will be stuck in my head for weeks.
  4. I don't know. Probably more character driven since each character has a piece of my personality. I always start with a general idea and try to keep up with that. It depends on which story actually. Something like "The Aisle of Chocolate Pudding" (trying to think of a better name) I wrote thinking "I want Ashley and Grace to go on a date. They are old high school friends. I want Ashley to say the fate. How they get there? I have no idea." So... there's a general plot, but how they get to point a to b is up to them. A subplot might from like the two employees kinda end up together but only because they were involved.
  5. (Friggin' addictive to sing!)
  6. Oh, question!

    Are your storylines more plot-driven, or character-driven?

    Do your characters have just TOO much personality sometimes, and end up just doing their own thing, instead of following your pre-planned plot?
  7. If I was ever taught about styles of poetry in class, I don't remember the lessons.

    I like the simple A-B-A-B style of rhyming, and when I see REALLY fun lyrics to songs which involve an enjoyable rythm or rhyming style, I try to imitate it.

    The most recent one I did was the parody of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".


    (Was really fun to write! Proud of it as heck!)

    My parody's called "Try Our Best". In it, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to out-prank Pinkie (who is convinced she is a Master Prankster) by doing The Impossible Thing and breaking the Fourth Wall and pranking the bronies (who are watching them WHILE they are singing that song) directly.
  8. That's fun! I like writing too! Oddly enough, I write pretty heavy stuff sometimes. I won't dwell too much, but I have a fascination with death and how people react and say after someone dies. However, I am writing a comedic scene right now! It's about people dealing with relationships and stuff. There are gay, bisexual, and asexual characters! I love exploring those things especially in the environment I am in at school (very liberal). I also love poetry. Do you have a favorite style? My favorite poem type is Shakespearean Sonnets.
  9. (Oh, and I sing and dance and act batshit insane A LOT, but not in public.)
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