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Conversation Between Oborawatabinost and Blu

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  1. oh.
  2. I definitely hacked the site. The mods can't do anything about it. It's a shame, really.
  3. oh. how you still able to chat? or even log on?
  4. Yes, I am banned.
  5. why does your name have a cross going through it? you banned?
  6. oh yeah. i remember you telling me that.

    P.S. i have a profile called brony13 in which i do not use anymore.
  7. I'm only here for maybe 5-10 hours out of a whole week. I didn't feel I was contributing enough being here for such a short period so I stepped down from staff to let other, more active members like Braeburn and Flutts get promoted.
  8. how come you stopped being staff?
  9. where have you been?
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