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Conversation Between Oborawatabinost and Nightseeker

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  1. You just stopping by for old memories? It's all I really do, there's nothing else going on really.
  2. So am I.
  3. I'm surprised you still visit this place.
  4. A flag itself cannot be inherently racist. The only meaning it has is the meaning that an individual or society decides to give it. The southern states had more that they wanted to stand for than simply slavery and racism. Life in the old southern states, and even in today's "modern" south is far different than life in the old northern states and in what is the rest of "modern" America.

    I'd imagine the majority of people who choose to fly it aren't trying to say that they still hate black people; most of them are probably just celebrating parts of their heritage in the same way any others would. Sure, the racism and slavery is a very large blemish on that history, but every culture has its good and bad parts.

    The American flag can be seen as racist towards Native Americans and others whose land we've taken, but you'd be hard-pressed to find an American who feels that the flag is offensive in any way. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and, as such, I don't see how we can cast it aside as an inherently racist symbol.
  5. I understand the freedom of speech and such, and they're allowed to fly it if they want, however I feel many people who do are ignorant of what it stands for.

    My question, or what I intended my question to be, was I was wondering if you felt it was racist or not? Where I live I have many people who claim it isn't, however I feel as if it is, and we're kind of split on the issue.
  6. It's pointless, like the majority of the things that people take offense to these days. It makes no difference in the lives of your everyday person if I decide to fly a Confederate flag in my yard in the same way that I can fly any other flag in my yard. Should we ban the German flag because the Nazis used to be there? Should we ban the Japanese flag because they were also our enemies in World War II?

    People are meant to have freedom of speech and expression, which is violated by banning the Confederate flag.
  7. I suppose. But anyway, since I consider you one of the more intelligent members of the site, I have a question to ask, because I'm gathering opinions;

    What do you think about this "Confederate Flag" controversy going on?
  8. I'd imagine that's true for most people. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who you completely agree with on everything or who you disagree with on everything. I just say exactly what I mean, so maybe it makes it more obvious.
  9. You say thinks I completely oppose, but other times things I find surprising and totally agreeable. You just shift around a lot so it weirds me out, not to say that's a bad thing.
  10. Why's that?
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