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Conversation Between Twilight Sparkle and Shine!

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  1. Thanks a ton~ Love ya bae.
  2. Who even are you anymore?

    Happy birthday.
  3. Oh mai Twi Marie Senpai~ I love you so!

    I've practiced confessing under the cherry blossoms for hours trying to work up the nerve to say it to your face, but it's quite difficult~

    Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday~ You're a real class act and one smart motherfucker. It's awesome as fuck.

    Keep bae-ing on for my sake if not for your own~
  4. The real question is, though, will you actually be talking?

    But no, things are alright. Will be better in a few weeks once the semester is over... soooo many projects.
  5. I hope things are going well for you and that soon we'll be in a call totally at the same time together! At once! Both of us!
    Spoiler: Relevant gif 
  6. *strips*

    oh wait I wasn't wearing any clothes
  7. I find you sexy, Twi-senpai.
  8. Couldn't only the bucks participate in the reindeer games? Isn't that man's work?
  9. How's about you come over to me and Prancer's place for some prancing and dancing? We won't leave you out of any of our reindeer games~
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