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Conversation Between Twilight Sparkle and Captain Shekelstein

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  1. It's kind of cute.
  2. I aodred your deer avatar. It was supercute.
  3. Added EqF on Kumbuya to give you a hand.
  4. Happy birthday!!!

  5. Sorry, it seems I already transfered them, but I had to click more than once.

    Nevermind, Twi.
  6. You don't seem to have 20,000 bits to transfer. It looks like you have a little over 1,500.
  7. Can I transfer 20000 bits to KSD? A "You don't have enough points" message appear or something when trying to do the transaction.
  8. Yeah, that thread.

    It has surprised me that stealing opetion now I've seen it. And I totally missed when the banking option was enabled.
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