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Conversation Between Grassy Tale and Evilmissingno000

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    don't ponies do the same?
    Wait......... what was that thing Twilight told me when I asked her that question too...?

    Something about "Equestrian society-invented technologies interacting unfavorably with natural evolved bodily responses to meteorological phenomena" or something like that...

    ...oh yeah. I think she said that NORMALLY, ponies in the wild WOULD lose hair, but because Equus Sapiens society invented artificial things like shampoos and conditioners and all that stuff to help us keep our manes all healthy and shiny, our hair got TOO healthy and falls out a lot less often than it would in the wild.

    So far this is you guys' only problem caused by technology? No problems with air pollution yet? Because it looks like you are going through the beginnings of the Industrial Age now.

    ...we have pegasususes coughing from time to time when they fly by a factory and a wind blows smoke in their faces... but I dunno... same thing would happen if I walked by a campfire and inhaled some smoke there too, ...and a things like that used to happen BEFORE the I.A.

    When WOULD you start calling it a problem?

    ...huh, okay. Nevermind. You'll tell me later what Twi says when you ask her that question. I bet she has more background on the subject.

    ...oh! Oh! And about the shampoo thing again!

    Rari has the biggest Floof Problems in summer because HER hair is just TOO healthy, even by pony standards!

    Only a tiny bit of it falls out in the summer, and the rest of it just stays on her and keeps her (*snort*) "hot and sweaty"...

    ...but not in the way SHE wants. She becomes hot LITERALLY, not METAPHORICALLY. Instead of attracting boys, she smells like a wet dog... or old socks... or a wet dog in old socks.

    Poor girl.
  2. That's odd, it only 23°here, lower than average

    My dog loses a lot of fur during summer (well he loses fur all the time) don't ponies do the same? If anything at least You have sweat glands
  3. Kill... me....................... hot weather and a fur coat do not mix... Too hot to party...................... too hot to anything...

    Why the hay do ponies have coats anyway?'d prefer me to shave you?



    I'm still thinking!
  4. Hmm..I could've swore they told me this site would've gone down in less than a month
    Oh well! I guess we can do whatever we want with it, Pinkie! How about a deserted forum party?
  5. Night. Sogni d'oro e culi in aria.
  6. You accidentally spoiled the ending of Panty and Stocking, no really that's EXACTLY how it ends, it wasn't even a serious ending!

    Well alright, but it's gonna take me one whole night (unless you purchase crystals with real life money and use them to skip waiting until the next paywall); so see you tomorrow and sleep well!
  7. That's a sub-quest for ya: Collect (offscreen cuz we ain't got time for that) all the pieces of Pinkie Pie and then play the Jigsaw Pinkie Puzzle mini-game and try to put her all back together.

    Quest Reward: One (1) Pinkie Pie.
  8. I should be surprised but I'm really not, how long is it gonna take for her to regenerate?
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