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Conversation Between Juri and Evilmissingno000

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  1. It's OK, EM. As Francisco Umbral wrote in one of his novels about our war "Let it be a farewell hug" then.

    And a big THANK YOU for your past support, I'll never forget it because I'm grateful. You're definitely not my enemy even if you decide to hate me. I'm happy. 2016 is being fucking amazing to me and I can barely describe with words how blissful I am. My dad was indeed a good man. I wish he had lived enough to see our overwhelming electoral victory this last Summer. We finally defeated them. I feared a lot to live in another Venezuela and I was very anghished about it, but everything is being so awesome lately that I can barely believe it. I mean, even I they didn't let Brexit triumph. The World is changing so fast. What a time to be alive! I truly feel like a superhero. I'm completing a second College degree and I don't even have to worry about the future anymore because economically speaking my future is guaranteed.

    I'm flying to California to visit Afghanistan the next year. Even if he's a mestizo he truly is a friend and an invaluable ally of the almighty white race. I could care less he's not white. An ally is always an ally.

    Spoiler: Best Friends Forever 

    I never forget a good person whether you're my political adversary or not. I just hope you can be happy with your girlfriend and have a great life.

    You truly were a saint, EM. Good bless you. I'm happy.
  2. 3 years ago I saw you were drepressed talking about your father and your life and I felt bad for you, so I decided to be kind and cheerful to you
    I can't keep doing that, I'm surpised you still consider me a friend and honestly I'm touched by that, but you're against everything me and my friends are. And you're not gonna change just because I said so, you've already made your life decisions
    I won't be your friend anymore
  3. Yes.

    Sadly Mussolini was just bad at war, but he had decent ideas and he made a serious attempt to bring Rome back. But he didn't need to, for your glory is Eternal and Rome lives within my very veins. Many of us are still loyal to Caesar even today.

    It's OK you have different ideas though. Even if you decide to not be my friend anymore I've consecrated my very life to the sacred duty of protecting Europa whatever the cost may be.

    Italy will be saved. I promise.
  4. Ok so that's a "Yes"
  5. We're very corrupted too, friend. I'm a Southerner too after all. I understand your pain.

    Your problem is your (((democracy))).

    Wherever there are Jews, there is nothing but lies and greed.

    But they'll pay for it, I can tell you that. Totaler krieg actually means fucking totaler krieg. By any means necessary.

    Trump wants to audit the Fed. I think you don't even begin to grasp how hard we ALL win today, even the ones who don't celebrate it.

    To Italy and Spain, this can be compared to another Lepanto.
  6. I genuinely can't tell if you're serious about wishing itay to have won ww2 or not
  7. Oooh you don't live in italy man, you don't
    Even the smal shitty town where I've lived for 20 ears is drenched in camorra
  8. It is not. It's never a lost cause. Never.

    Und Niemals erlahmen. Und Niemals ermüden. Und Niemals verzagen.

    I know you're sad today, but someday you'll understand. I wish Franco had joined the Axis too, but in the end he betrayed us. You guys fought bravely and you did what you could.

    We already have America and Russia under control. Now the next step is the complete and irreversible destruction of the EU. Britain needs our help now.
  9. Italy's the 2nd most corrupt country in the world and people don't fight here unlike in America, and regins don't have any authonomy so it's always been a lost cause
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