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Conversation Between Hoity Toity and lilsprout

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  1. Hey! If you get this, I want to tell you something so reply when you can chat. Thanks!
  2. Hey! How is the rarity pic going? and who is the braeburn plushie for? I would love to see pics!
  3. It's no problem. I've just missed chatting with you and was kinda worried. Sorry if I seem weird always messaging you.
  4. i'm so sorry, been working a lot, having low time for friends and stuff
  5. How are you doing Fonzie? We haven't had a chat in a long time and I miss talking with you....
  6. Well I hope you like your work and feel free to send me a message whenever you want and I'll respond as soon as I see it! I would love to chat with you again, I miss you in the chatbox.
  7. i have been working a lot lately
  8. Hey! We haven't chatted in a while... How are you doing? Also, am I annoying you with all my messages? If I am just tell me and I'll stop. Sorry.
  9. Hi Fonzie! I'm back from my few days away! I was really sick so I couldn't make it on, but now I'm better! I saw your new plushie! It's awesome! Great job.
  10. Hey! What plushie are you almost finished?
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