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Conversation Between Hoity Toity and Twilicious

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  1. How does one put a head on a plushie and make it not look stupid?
  2. you deserve it ^_^ you are a great person
  3. Yes, I was made staff. It was a very pleasant surprise.
  4. hello there
    i read the are congratulating you
  5. If you have any questions about them plushies, please ask me whatever, here or text me, i'll be more than happy to help you
  6. I am much better now that I'm starting the plushies. I'm making an Applejack for my roommate first, to get the hang of it. He's still paying for it though, it makes me feel a little bad because I'm his friend, but he said he wants to so I guess it'll be OK.
  7. Hello twily, I hupe you are doing ok, just came to say hi
  8. it seems that you may need a little help
  9. I received a very bad diagnosis from my doctor. I'm terrified. I'm sad because I'm scared. I'm also stressed because my student loan repayment is starting in November and my prescriptions are very expensive and I'm not certain I can afford it all.
  10. May I ask you, why you are sad?
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