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Conversation Between Rarity and Shimmer Mint

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  1. Whoops, that was larger than I intended, lol
  2. When I worked in a restaurant we had a loaded potato skins dish that called for a potato to be hollowed out, so I too the waste and made homefries for everyone with it lol. I miss that job.
  3. I always sneak some when traffic is low. x3 You're not supposed to but meh.
    One time I had to do baked beans. I almost threw up. They're so gross. xD
  4. I lack the self-control for that lol. The customers would come up and my face would be stuffed with whatever I'm supposed to be handing out
  5. Ohhhhhh. Wonderland. You die if it's BURNING hot there. xD Trust me, I know.
    I've been working at a grocery store (Sobeys) handing out food samples.
  6. Ouchies. I got an awful one on my back after I went to wonderland a couple of weeks ago. It's still not fully healed lol. Where have you been working?
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