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Conversation Between Rarity and Brosus

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  1. BRB changing you to Para-Medic

    You're still technically me anyway, no escape from same Snake hell bitch
  2. Shocking twist, I was some random ass medic all along.
  3. You changed 11 whole hours after me, newfag
    Didn't know they got the cloning go so early
    Call Kojima up, he'll have some twisted plot for all this
  4. Good job being me after I became me, becoming the younger version of me after the older version already existed.

    Starting to sound like a MGS plot already.
  5. Good job being me
  6. >You still have the beta pip

    Good to see you haven't posted in a month
  7. You love mech shows a lot... You watched Knights of Sidonia yet?
  8. America will just spend a few billion and build a Jeager. If they can say it's a military asset, it should be easy to get the funding.
  9. Never underestimate the japs and their new fangled mech Thingamajigs.
  10. America had better win this. They have the better mech by far.
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