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Conversation Between PinkE_PartE and Blu

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  1. nice.
  2. It also may be notable that Thunder is my senpai, and Fritzy is my bro.

    And my skype stinks, so we can barely chat </3

    lul, darn skype.
  3. i shall see to it, that i check them out.
  4. The symbol for #CheerileeNation, which would be anything including μThunder and FritzyBeat.

    Good music and stuff.
  5. yeah, i know who made them.

    what was your last picture?
  6. Besides, the site standard avatars are really good. Especially Applejack
  7. yeah, me too. i can never stick with just one picture.
  8. Yeah. I don't really plan on being defined by a singular picture here like I would on other forums. Gotta have that freedom, y'know?
  9. yeah, it sucks.

    did you change your profile picture?
  10. Homework is the pinnacle of terrible. 90% of what I didn't like about high school.

    Probably gonna be what I don't like about Uni, too.
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