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  1. Joystick's Gamer Blog (Now with so much fucking latenesssss!!!!! :D)

    Well... This blog was dead for months and months Welcome to the Joystick's Gamer blog, where I kick terrible video games to the curve! And give great games the praise they earned!

    Today i'll review quite the childish game I recently played:
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    Skylanders Giants.

    Now, why would I play this game? Simple. Sibling Well the "facehoof" would have been my initial reaction to the game. First let
  2. Joystick's Gamer Blog (now with extra lateness)

    Well then, long time no see. First things first i can't do CoD because i tried and i hated it within the first 20 minutes of the game, so the last game pick was cancelled

    Ok down to business!!! .

    Today's topic is the famous game that earned itself a spot in the MLP:FiM Creepypasta hall of fame, non other than the Luna Games
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    Yes i know this game is extremely old but i feel the need to talk about
  3. Joystick's Gamer blog

    Welcome back to Joystick's gaming blog .

    Alright let's get this under way, today's topic:
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    This crap

    Ok so Pokemon X and Y. This shit is HORRIBLE like complete and utter bullshit because of the pokemon. Let me bring up the fact that the pokemon are just combinations of past pokemon squished together and the Legendary pokemon look weird as FUCK and the new mewtoo just looks like fucking majin boo from Dragonball

    Updated 05-03-2013 at 07:40 AM by Joystick

  4. The gaming blog!

    Well then hello. I was bored and I decided to start a blog on video games (the name's joystick is for a reason ).

    Well basically i'm gonna be posting some tutorials and some secrets on some popular games and video game related stuff while also posting progress on games i'm trying to pass.

    Once in a while I'm gonna take a picture of a few games I own and you guys get to choose what game I should beat next (mostly nintendo ).

    Well I hope you guys

    Updated 05-02-2013 at 01:21 PM by Joystick

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