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  1. Rarity ....

    I don't give a f what you have to say about it ok?So whatever,make fun of the list...

    Quote Originally Posted by Na11 View Post
    She is the best pony,I even created a fansite for her here
    and forums:
    Ok back to why:
    1. She's fabulous
    2. She's such an individual
    3. Her voice
    4. Her singing
    5. Her mane
    6. Her mane is purple
    7. Her eyes are best eye model
    8. She's creative
    9. Generous
    10. She's
  2. con

    at this very moment i am at a cosplay convention as yuno, they give free wifi btw
  3. well then....

  4. lol

  5. Thoughts

    school is so boring ugh! my eyes are sore and i'm tired...i need work...i got nothing to do but do maths if i choose to...ugh!
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