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Twilight's Admin Blog

Want to know a bit about what I'm working on around Equestria Forever? I can't tell you too many spoilers, but come here to check it out!

  1. A Super-Quick RP Update

    You may have noticed recently that we opened up the Tavern RP room and held a discussion there about what to do with EqF's RP (if you missed that, see this thread). With the holiday season (and for me, finals) fast-approaching, Trixie and myself have been a bit distracted and slow to make changes.

    That being said, we don't want you all to have to wait around if you want to get started checking out this new RP! You may notice that the Lunar Colosseum forum has been cleared out of old
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  2. I Really Hate White Backgrounds

    Adding blogs and news added more pages to the site, which means there's things for every theme that needs to be fixed. Of course, everything defaults to a lovely white background, which looks horrible on all of our generally darker-coloured themes. This means that someone needs to go through and fix them all to match, doing each theme separately.

    vBulletin themes are made and controlled (mostly) by what's called StyleVars. StyleVars are essentially linked to references in CSS files
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  3. Welcome to Blogs!

    Blogs are a new feature of Equestria Forever and are currently under development. Features of blogs may be added or removed while we continue to set up the system.

    At this time, it is suggested that you do not use the blogs. We may delete anything and everything posted once testing is completed.

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