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  1. Looking to buy

    An embroidery machine!
    I want to start making good eyes on my plushies.

    Would anyone happen to know someone who's selling or has one they're barely using?
    If so, then please let me know!
    I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on it, about 200-300.
  2. Throwing my plushies around

    I have just put the Applejack I've made for Dustin on Ebay as a commission, the bidding starts at 60 dollars and shipping is free worldwide.
    For those who are interested, the link is here:

    I also have an Etsy shop (which is quite empty up until now) which you can find here:

    I am open for customs and will try anything you throw at me,
  3. Tomorrow is my anniversary

    And I feel like I just háve to share that with this community.
    You've all been so kind and supporting to us, and thank you for that!

    Tomorrow me and Bon Bon will have been together for a whole year.
    It seems so short and yet so long.
  4. Thanks & Update on the trip!

    First of all, I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes!
    Not sure I can reply to everyone properly without taking about an hour to have a proper sit down haha.
    My birthday was pretty good, we had a family BBQ with a Hawaiian theme.

    Anyways, as most of you know @Bon Bon is visiting (in the shower right now) my lovely little country and we've been around doing some typical Dutch things.
    He has tried our national food Frikandellen
  5. Just me, whining.

    First, I am told about my families health.
    Second, I find out there is no possible way to finance my fiancee's school plans. Which means, there is no possible way for him to get to my country any time soon. The only way to do so, would be for us to get married, both be 21 (a 2 year long wait for him) and I'd have to get a job with a steady contract with a monthly pay of at least 1,500 euros.
    Now you might think, oh two years, that's nothing on a life. You're right.
    But it