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A Super-Quick RP Update

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You may have noticed recently that we opened up the Tavern RP room and held a discussion there about what to do with EqF's RP (if you missed that, see this thread). With the holiday season (and for me, finals) fast-approaching, Trixie and myself have been a bit distracted and slow to make changes.

That being said, we don't want you all to have to wait around if you want to get started checking out this new RP! You may notice that the Lunar Colosseum forum has been cleared out of old threads and revamped to be the non-canon RP section. You may also notice, if you didn't have RP permissions, that you can now view and post in this section! Threads will be managed by their creators here, including thread-specific character submissions (if desired).

We'd love to see you all give this place a shot if you're looking for something fun! With the hype surrponding the recent Pokemon OR/AS release, perhaps you'd like to hop into @Glaceon's new, just-starting Ponymon Crossover RP?

Of course, once we finalize more and finish working out the "EqF canon" RP, we hope to see you there as well. Keep posted for more on that.
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    Twilight I'm the future twiligjt
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    i might be deleting my account even though i just started. i can't take the fact that i cant use this site and cant understand the rules. i keep getting spammed.
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    hi the name's Ashton bolt I'm Cadence's son. if i get infracted what exactly does that mean? i do like the sound of that update though.