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  1. Retro Game of The Week: Dungeon Keeper

    Dungeon Keeper is a 1997 game by Peter Molyneux, probably most known for the Fable series, during his time at Bullfrog Studios.

    An RTS god game with a twist, that twist being that you play as the Lord and Master of a Dungeon, and you are on a campaign of evil against all that is good and nice in the world:

    What I like about this game is the whole atmosphere of the venture. The whole thing is set in tunnels and ...
  2. Calling Out to the World - by Jusice

    So, I bought a new book, always fun. This isn't any ordinary book, however. This is a collection of short stories and poetry by our very own Justice:

    So here is a quick review of the first two shorts, with the rest to follow (these take longer than they appear to write)

    Dear World, Remember Me?

    Written in the form of a collection of letters written to the world itself, “Dear World, Remember Me?” follows ...
  3. Oh joy... another blog post by someone that is about a video game


    Anyway... Fez is an indie game by Polytron Corporation. You play as Gomez, an adorably simply designed fellow who gets bestowed with a magical Fez (for real), which grants him the powers to see a third dimension, previously unseeable to him.
    This makes for some great mechanics and logic puzzles, where shifting the perspective of the map allows you to move to previously unseen areas, access areas that you couldn't before, or reveal new routes to ...