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  1. Why Rarity is best pony

    Quote Originally Posted by Na11 View Post
    Okay, a reality check is in order here.

    I was shocked to find these kind of comments about Rarity, who seems to be misunderstood by a number of people. Yes, I myself am a MAJOR Rarity fan, but putting my own fandoms aside for the moment, let's look at a few reasons why some of these assumptions about her character are seriously misplaced.

    People seem to mistake Rarity's focus on fashion and style as pure selfishness. Well, that's like saying everybody in the fashion
  2. Why Fluttershy Is Literally the worst pony

    Quote Originally Posted by Na11 View Post
    Call me stupid call me dumb call me a C** call me a hater.I....don' am releasing my fire,like so many fans have done to rarity,Gilda, cadence and other ponies/characters i love.........
    Yay!Worst pony!Now to give Frozen Blood Raine the link!

    A pushover
    Can be too nice and too mean
    IS SO NOT kawaii DESU!
    She has almost no character development whatsoever.
    A crybaby,come on,i don't cry when i yelled at most