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Thought Bubbles

  1. Why I love hugs

    This is the answer to a question that was asked in my ask me thread, that I felt i wanted to share on a wider scale, so I'm making it a blog post as well.

    I love hugs so much because when you hug someone, when you even touch someone, it's a type of transfer. You are giving a little bit of yourself and in turn taking a little bit of them as well. Hugs are close, but they don't have to be specific in any way. You can hug someone because they are your friend, because you love them, ...
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  2. 25 Things I've Learned to do from life online.

    Just a kind of random compilation of things that I've learned or do while spending time online and talking to people. Sort of a list of things to remind myself to do from time to time.

    1. Hug everyone. Even if they don't want one.

    2. If two friends dislike or are fighting with one another, do not get involved unless it is about or directly involves you in some way.

    3. If someone asks me not to talk about something because it upsets them, I won't talk ...