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Trials and tribulations of Blinkie Pie

Some of my adventures might be posted in here for all to enjoy

  1. Let's start this!

    As some of you might know, I started my own ask pony blog! Here:
    I obviously need questions to reply to but don't feel like letting all my other followers know yet... So this seems like a good place to start, feel free to ask stuff if you want, anonymous is on
  2. Some people are just nice...

    I was buying my lunch today, some nice food that I payed for and got into my tupperware, as I made my way back to my office I tripped by accident... splattering my food all over the floor and some on my face

    Some people got concerned and others giggled a bit, well can't judge them, must of been as much funny to them as it was embarrasing for me, that being said! I was about to leave the dinnerplace when one of the girls that works there got close to me with a HUGE plate of the