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      Just because I'm chosen by fate or something.
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      Earn $150 easy. No, really.

      For a long time, FiM has relied on the charity of others. Now, thanks to my new job, I have been given a chance to pay our members for a change. In case you hadn't heard, I currently work for the advertising division of Vivint, a home security system manufacturer. We make the bits and pieces of wall monitors, door contacts, and more. The problem is, while most people have security systems, the ones currently in use by distributors like ADT are out of date - they use landlines and Internet lines, and sometimes cell backup. Kids are figuring out that if they cut the landlines, the Internet lines, and use a cell jammer, all alarm systems will be blocked; they'll make a bunch of noise, but they'll never contact the police. Even if they simply rip the monitoring system off the wall, if it's in the first thirty seconds, the box is useless. You can see it in action here:

      So, how does this make you money? Simple: we've come up with a system that circumvents this process by pinging the monitoring station and activating when anything disrupts the contact. The problem is, it's expensive, so we're looking to get exposure for the system first, across the USA. A few homes in each neighborhood can receive it at no cost to them, if they qualify. If you know someone who currently has an alarm system that is more than six months old, or does not have an alarm system yet, and you assist me in contacting them and they qualify, you will receive $150 for your assistance. Alternatively, if you are interested yourself, I should still be able to approve either you or a friend to receive the $150.

      If the homeowner qualifies, all basic equipment will be installed at no cost to them, which includes door contacts, window shatter detectors, pet friendly motion detectors, medical pendants, and keyfobs. They can also choose to 'premium' devices, which include outdoor and indoor cameras and doorbell cameras which all save clips and can be remotely accessed from a smartphone or the indoor control panel; a one terabyte server which stores camera clips in home and online, and can be used to store computer files, sort of like carbonyte. An automatic deadbolt, which can be locked or unlocked from your phone or by inputting a code. A garage door controller which alerts you if the garage door is left open by accident, and my favorite, a thermostat which sets to the perfect energy saving temperature when you leave - some customers save $50 on A/C every month.

      My department has a limited budget, unfortunately, and it's on a per district scale. We'll probably be finishing this project by next month, so if you know of anyone; parents, friends, or other relatives that might qualify, please PM me.

      As you can see, this is an excellent deal for every party; you get $150, your friend or family gets an alarm system installed or updated at no cost to them, my company receives advertising and references from said family member or friend, and if I receive a bonus for reaching a reference milestone it will go to supporting FIM.

      The best part is that we still have openings in most districts, including Canada. That means that even @Goddamn Shit Castle King!; and @Toriel; can help with this and get rewarded. That's three Mad Max's or a not toaster laptop, and it's worth at least a day of working at Tim Horton's for only 30 minutes of talking to a friend or family member. I know @Joystick; has a number of contacts, and it could definitely help PABS as well as FIM. @Silver Spoon; knows everyone in his Texas town, and @Twilight Sparkle; could use the money for his college debts. I know @Oborawatabinost; babysits the kids of some rich people who could use the system. And naturally, @Chie Satonaka; and @Twitch-A-Rise!; could use that money to fund their game making careers and escape pharmacy hell. I know for a fact that every member knows someone who could benefit from a free alarm system, and I look forward to helping them all out.
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      Hmmm. Alright. I'll give ya a hand. I'll contact some of the Canadian/American members of PABS and Bronycon staff members, I believe this could also help out my mom, since I'll be leaving her soon I may as well leave knowing she's got a decent security system going on.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Some Nameable Protagonist View Post
      That's three Mad Max's
      LET'S DO IT

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      Linux hell.
      These are the kind of "annoucements" this site gets these days? Ads?

      What has this site even come to?

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